Canadian Dental Association

Practice Support Services Website

Through CDA several services are available to dentists:

  • CDAnet: The activities that facilitate electronic transmission of dental benefit claims, using accepted standards and protocols. This includes subscribing dentists to CDAnet, communicating authorized dentists to claims processors, certifying dental office software for CDAnet, and providing support through the CDAnet help desk.
  • ITRANS Claim Service: A service for securely transmitting electronic CDAnet dental benefit claims to claims processors on the Internet.
  • eReferral: An online service for securely communicating patient information for referrals and consultations.
  • CDA Digital ID: An electronic credential for authenticating dentists during online transactions, such as claims submitted through the ITRANS Claim Service.

This website is designed to allow dentists and designated office staff to manage CDA Practice Support Services primarily on their own. Instead of faxing paper forms, dental offices can manage their services and updates directly all in one place. This includes subscribing to CDAnet, ITRANS and eReferral; adding new dentists to an office; downloading the CDA Digital ID; and changing information related to office contacts and email addresses.

Please explore the site and verify your information. For more information, see the Support link above or, for additional help, call the CDA Practice Support Services Help Desk at 1-866-788-1212.